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Trusted Consumer was created to streamline the endless flood of information for businesses and consumers. Trusted Consumer works with businesses who have a passion to protect and uphold consumer privacy. Individuals and businesses can easily interact creating a bridge for consumers to research and manage levels of contact with businesses.

A Little About Us

Businesses and Trusted Consumer participate together by following simple pro consumer permission based rules. Trusted Consumer helps businesses record, manage, and present ongoing permission channels. This non-intrusive pro consumer commitment benefits authorized parities through increased transparency and permission management.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Everything is perfectly orgainized for future

Business Partners and Gateway Parities

The Trusted Consumer network connects consumers with TCPA and TSR opt-in business listings making it easier for consumers to control information they provided to businesses.

Pro Consumer and Special Offers

As an added benefit, Trusted Consumer encourages partner businesses to provide discounts and special offers to customers. If you receive a special offer, Trusted Consumer is a non-affiliated party and cannot guarantee any partner offer. Please defer to the business participating in Trusted Consumer network for terms, conditions, and special offer information.

Privacy and Easy Opt-Out

Please use the form below to make any opt-out or special request to Trusted Consumer partners. We will review every message to expedite your request to a business within our network.